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​​Our plugins are coded by experienced developers and regularly updated and tested with widely distributed versions of WordPress to ensure maximum compatibility and securitry for your websites.


Our plugins come with excelent UI componets to ensure a smoother user experience. Besides, our guided suggestions will always make your workflow easier than ever.


​​We are committed to provide excellent support for our plugins. With our experienced support team at EazyPlugins, your peace of mind is just one email away.

Fast & Furious

The plugins are well organized, documented, bloat-free and do precisely your tasks.


EazyPlugins are tailor-made to suit your needs. We have made the top-notch solutions for your WordPress website.


The plugins are well organized, documented, bloat-free and do precisely your tasks. We are always on the lookout to guard our plugins against any potential security issues.


Our eazy suite of plugins have only one goal, to make your life easier. We are razor-focused on delivering you Quality of Life improvements that not only accelerates your WordPress workflow but also makes it easier to deal with minor annoyances.
EazyGrid is the easiest way to create a custom grid for any type of gallery.



The primary goal of our plugins is to help you get the job done easily. There’s no point in spending countless hours searching the documentations and tutorials just to figure out “how-tos” and “what is where”. This is where our guided suggestions, setup wizards, excellent user interface components and user-experience skills really shine. With our easy to use plugins you can save time with happiness inside, guaranteed.

Effortlessly organize your photo, post, and products in WordPress & Elementor.
Powerful & easy to use product filter plugin for WooCommerce & Elementor.
Get beautifully designed sections and web pages in one click.


EazyPlugins identifies pain point of existing products and then use its technical and design expertise to offer a solution that is creative, innovative, easy and fun to use. From organizing photos, posts, products into gorgeous, eye-catching grids to create powerful product filtering options for your WooCommerce store or creating conversion focused beautiful websites in Gutenberg editor in just one click, there’s something for everyone.


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