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​​Hundreds of trendy design templates for Gutenberg. Get beautifully designed sections and web pages in one click.


​​Gorgeous Templates for Gutenberg

​​A truly “single click”, “no-code” solution for Gutenberg that you have always been looking for.
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Visual Layouts

​​From a blogger to a book author, restaurant to a shop owner, education to health system – our trendy, handcrafted pages and section designs fits your requirement.

Pixel Perfect Gutenberg Powered Template Experience

​​Take full advantage of Gutenberg blocks with EazyTemplates.
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​​Eazy Templates lets you import individual sections to add further customization to your template. You can also reorder the section to reflect your branding. Eazy Templates is flexible.
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Single page

​​Import purpose built single page in one click to speed up your workflow. The pages are fast, intuitive, and easy to edit.
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​​Template Kits

​​Template Kit enables you to import thematically built page packs that offer a complete solution for a targeted niche.

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Trendy Design

​​Eazy Templates always get updates with recent trendy designs. Let us worry about the latest research in design while you focus on your work.

Explore Hundreds of Templates

​​Download and start exploring Eazy Templates now.

Responsive First

​​Every Template and Section in EazyTemplate is optimized for Tablet and Mobile, making sure your site will look fancy on every form factor.

​​Impressive Dependency Management

​​Eazy Templates installs and activates every dependency for your plugin automatically, so you don’t have to manually go through the painful installation process again and again. Eazy Templates got you covered.

Designed for Everything

​​No matter what your target audience is, there’s something for everyone in Eazy Templates.

Light Weight Website

​​Our templates are finely tuned to offer you the most performant website. All templates and sections are fatless and made with performance in mind.

All Theme Supported

​​Eazy Templates is powered by core Gutenberg Block Editor meaning any theme that works with Gutenberg works automatically with Eazy Templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more query please contact our support.

What is Eazy Templates?

​​Eazy Templates is a collection of single page Templates, Sections & Template Kits that takes the pain out of Gutenberg design.

Can I use Eazy Templates with any theme?

​​Any Gutenberg supported theme will work flawlessly with Eazy Templates. However, we recommend using blocksy theme for the best fit.

Can I use Eazy Templates with WooCommerce?

Yes, EazyTemplates is compatible with WooCommerce. Just install and manage WooCommerce separately to set up eCommerce system.

Is there a free version?

​​Yes, Eazy Templates has a free portion available through the WordPress.org directory that allows importing an impressive collection of templates & sections for Gutenberg Block Editor.

Do I need to be a developer to use Eazy Templates?

​​Not at all! Eazy Templates is built from the ground up with accessibility and usability in mind. You don’t need to know the intricacies of Gutenberg to use Eazy Templates.

Can I use Eazy Templates with page builders?

​​Eazy Template works in harmony with other Gutenberg page editors. You can create any page with a page builder and import page or section template inside it from Eazy Templates.

Will Eazy Templates slow down my website?

​​No. Eazy Templates and its dependencies are created with performance in mind. We ensure every block we use meets our performance benchmark.

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