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100% No Questions Asked Refund Policy.

Try Before Buying .

We advise you to properly check our plugins and ask questions on our support email, live chat, social media or blogs. Our super friendly and expert support engineers are always available to answer all your queries related to our products. You can also send us an email to [email protected] or fill up this contact form.

Our No Questions Asked Refund Policy After Purchase.

It’s straightforward! We are so confident that you will LOVE and BENEFIT from our products; we offer a 14-days no-questions-asked refund policy. If you don’t like our product or it causes you hindrance, we will be happy to offer you a full 100% refund within 14 days of your original purchase, and no questions will be asked. However, we might invite you to suggest to us how to improve ourselves while refunding. Also, we would appreciate it if you give insights on what made you ask for a refund. EazyPlugins is running this product. We exist to provide an enhanced web experience with WordPress. Our products focus on helping you design fantastic and amazing looking websites with the best user experience. Thus, we aim to deliver WordPress plugins and themes spiced up with the latest development trends and best practices. Our mission is to help you create exciting and lasting transformations through using our products. We, therefore, provide our customers with live demos, articles, tutorials, documentation, product interface images, detailed descriptions, feature lists, videos, access to our social media channels, and hundreds of customer reviews so you can make an informed buying decision.

A couple of minor points you should consider .

    1. We will process your refund as soon as we’re able to.
    2. We may refuse to refund clients who act in bad faith or misused the services.
    3. Refunds may only be issued within 14 days of the purchase date. After 14 days, no refunds can be processed.
    4. Refunds do not apply to upgrades or renewals.
    5. Issuing a chargeback without communicating us first might result in you being blacklisted from any future purchase.
    6. We will ask you to give feedback to us about your cancellation request. This feedback is entirely optional but massively appreciated.
    7. Our issued refund does not cover any additional charges like VAT, Sales Taxes & Payment Processor fees. If you have paid an additional amount then you need to contact the respective authorities about a refund on those amounts.

Policy for Automatic Payments .

Our products require the renewal of subscriptions every year, but you can choose whether to renew your subscription or not. We suggest renewing your subscriptions because we are continuously improving our products and releasing new updates. A valid subscription is required for receiving updates, and some of the features might not work correctly without a valid license/ subscription.

If the plugin becomes expired-

– You won’t be able to download any product from the dashboard.
– All the extensions of the parent plugin will not be available in the download section either.
– When you renew the parent plugin’s subscription, all extensions of that plugin will be available for download.
– In the case of modules that come in packages, you will have to renew the parent plugin. All the modules’ updates come with the parent plugin, so there is no need to download them separately.

Please note that you create an automatic payment account when you purchase any product using PayPal or Stripe. This means both PayPal and Stripe records your information and prepares your payment account. This helps the payment gateways to charge from you to complete automatic payments automatically.
If you do not cancel automatic payments from your account, it will –

1. Renew the product subscription after one year
2. Charge from your account automatically

– “We do not refund payments for any product that has been automatically renewed.”

Acceptance of this Policy .

When you place an order for any of our products, you indicate that you have read this refund policy properly. This also proves that you agree with and fully accept the terms of this refund policy. We ask you not to place an order with us if you disagree with the terms and conditions. If any of the above criteria are met, then you are eligible for a refund. Please use the contact form, and we will reply within two working days.